NARI Workforce Development

Task Force:  Pinellas County Schools work-based learning partnership benefits

Employers hire qualified students to expose them to authentic workplace experiences in conjunction with their career technical education program, creating a skilled workforce pipeline for the employer.

Today the industry faces a

NEW problem:  


Following the collapse of the housing industry in 2007, remodeling companies found themselves downsizing at unprecedented rates, and many closed their doors.  As the economy continues to recover and remodeling companies try to meet the demand, they are finding that skilled carpenters, plumbers and electricians are not available.    Many have retired or have left the industry.  

THE QUESTION IS:  Where can the industry find or train the skilled labor needed to meet its current and future needs?

Members of the NARI Tampa Bay Taskforce Development Committee meet monthly to provide recommendations to leadership for consideration when developing programs to foster the development of the remodeling industry's future workforce.  Recommendations such as:

  • Messaging to public schools and community colleges
  • Support to local chapters regarding technical college partnerships
  • Education programs targeting entry level or potential employees
  • SkillsUSA promotion and use by NARI Chapters
  • Recommendations for working with veterans’ groups to locate potential skilled trades and entry level workers

How is NARI trying to combat the problem:  

Workforce Development events

The Great American Teach-In, Boca Ciega High School - November 2016

We know that the construction industry generated revenues of $960 billion in 2014 across America. The latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (US Dept. of Labor) showed that the average pay for non-supervisory/production employees in August 2015 was $25.27 hr. The average construction/production worker is making in excess of $52,000 a year. Florida ranks #2 in the number of construction companies in the nation.

Dunedin High School - December 2016





Doug King, the NARI 2016 President ,had the pleasure of hosting students from Dunedin High School at one of his job sites on December 7, 2016. One group was the Construction and Electrical class and the other group was the Drafting class. Cathy Svercl with Design Freedom, who serves on the DHS Advisory Board, coordinated the visits. This was a great experience for the young people and gave them a real life view of  construction and remodeling.  

 NARI Tampa Bay will continue to promote involvement with students from as many schools as possible!  If you want YOUR school involved, please contact the NARI office at 727.942.4503 or